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Fully automated passive online casino software business

fully automated passive online casino software business

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Fully automated passive online casino software business -

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Two -- the main benefit of college for me was largely social. The one thing I would change would be study something more useful like CS, and learn some of the philosophy and psychology on the side rather.

Also, the big state school would probably be much more useful and valuable than the expensive 'elite' school, to be honest.

Yes, I think it'd be perfectly possible to do that provided you have a strong enough drive and are intelligent. Depending on how good the professor is and the subject, you may be missing a lot of the context and insight you'd get from class discussions.

A good chunk of what I learned in my college classes didn't come from the books themselves. Maybe with technical subjects or hard science this applies less, but with business case studies, for example, you'd get so much more added value from listening to how different people analyze it.

Thing is, the decision to set your own schedule and focus on teaching yourself anyways is quintessentially what a school is meant to do.

No one can teach you but you. Oh wow I didn't even notice your username, I'd say you're decently well known on here lol. Oh man, I should have looked at the username.

Keep up the good work! In the thousands and then stopped. MiTiS' record label decided last year around Sept to start taking the money raised in the video by filing a copyright infringement claim on the video.

Oddly they allowed the video before several times and then backed out of it later on probably after seeing it doing so well. But I already started paying for her school stuff out of my own pocket anyway.

The video was only a way to get her to accept my assistance without her feeling like she owed me anything. I think what you'll find is that "passive income" is a myth perpetuated by people trying to sell you a book.

If this were truly legit, you'd have an army of millionaires exiting real estate and banking and instead establishing turnkey e-comm sites. It had some bigger months early on but now has seemed to have leveled out.

Other than answering student questions, which I actually enjoy, I can't say I spend more than 30 minutes a month on it. All promotion comes from organic udemy searches.

I remember going through your course when you first released it, thanks again for the reddit coupon you gave out! I started couple startups.

In one of my startup that i created a production yields management system. Initially it took about 2 months to launch it but after that everything was automated and I was putting is about 2 hours a week and making about 4k a month on it.

For the past 6 months i have put in about 20 hours total and still making 8k a month on it. I must be missing something. What exactly are production yields and why does it require it's its own software?

I'm curious how you marketed such a software and why it is superior to what was already being used.

You know more about this so could you explain a bit about it? There was no marketing. So i created a simple system that lets their customers login into the portal and few their order details and where in the process its at and same for their vendors if they raw materials is received and when it was received.

All the system changes are notified by email automatically. As the parts come of the line and are packed in to the boxes the boxes have a 2d barcode that the app creates for each order and its scanned when the total parts are reached a notification is sent to shipping and shipping updates the order when its sent to carrier to delivery.

And the customer is notified through out this process. So you discovered a niche that was done in an acient way and upgraded it with new simple technology?

I do independent consulting e. The important parts are having intimate domain knowledge and having said knowledge in an area that is niche enough that it doesn't make economic sense for a larger company to build an application tailored to that market.

But if you can get there it's a great opportunity. Not one where you're going to be filthy rich or anything, but where you can make a decent living working light hours for yourself and maybe have an employee or two.

Having the niche information and ability to get the process developed simultaneously is a great crossover.

I was speaking at a conference recently and met a married couple who lived in Colorado and owned their own business creating software for textile manufacturers.

They were both managers in said factories back in the 80s, built some software back in the 90s, and have been milking that sales channel to now textile manufacturers outside of the US.

Being childless helps, of course. But I imagine it's a pretty sweet lifestyle. Work hours a week as a couple, spend a lot of time following your passions, and make enough dough to afford it all.

Whereas if they were to do they same they'd surely make less, but a much smaller percentage less. That's why I am envious of such people who are able to find a niche and make the most of it.

And, joy, I get to work with those people every day! It would give you great seed money for a more profitable business too. That is what my eventual goal is.

I want to have large self sustaining businesses that give me a nice paycheck that I can use for other stuff. My other stuff happens to be having a family, going to college pretty much until I die, and building invention after invention and having people market and sell them for me.

It is so much fun and I can't seem to stop doing it. If I had someone to do the marketing I would do the inventing part.

Marketing is such a pain. I know how to do it now but I just don't like doing it. This, everyone, is how you fund a start-up. Consult at a high hourly rate while developing IP to sell as products.

I don't have a startup, although your advice is sage. I am a full-time consultant. It's a little depressing in that I know exactly my maximum income since it's a function of my hourly rate times the number of hours in a day.

And best of all I enjoy what I do and I don't ever tell this to my clients, but honestly, I'd do a lot of this for a fraction of the cost because I do find it intellectually stimulating and interesting.

I should put "try" in quotes because this is Labor Day weekend and yet I got up at 6: How would you suggest building a clientele as an independent consultant?

It seems like it would be hard to get people to hire you unless you have some sort of experience to vouch for you. Did you do something before this that built that?

How did you find a sales rep in the given sector? I really need someone with knowledge of the industry with contacts. Did you pay them a salary?

I don't have enough revenue to offer up a pre-sales income yet but I would definitely be willing to provide a solid commission structure and even equity upon reaching goals we agreed upon being reached.

I flip houses, and it's not a lot of work. But really, it's because I'm leeching off of a couple of guys who are putting in real work.

My friends own their own construction company, and they buy bank foreclosed properties. Basically, I invest money that helps them buy more houses, and I get a really nice return from them.

But I could cut that amount of time down- I spend that much time studying stocks because I actually enjoy it, and I have a lot of free time, with no real job.

If you're referring to the houses- we typically make an agreement on what my return on investment will be before I even hand them the money.

A couple of times, they have given me the option of taking a percentage of the profit, but I have always gone for the guaranteed return. I actually don't even remember what the percentage that they offered me last time was.

It takes these guys a long time to flip a house, because they pick real projects- like hurricane Sandy houses.

I won't put all my eggs in one basket with those guys though. I don't want to wind up on an episode of American Greed as a victim.

I also manage a million dollars of rental apartments that I own, just opened a pizza place, and have almost k in stocks. Oh my, what an amazing response!

How did you begin your journey? The flipped houses business obviously takes time for you to see a return, as well as investment capital.

However, in terms of the rental property, how did you begin? How is the pizza business? I know the food industry is brutal, so what made you go into this market?

Actually, I started out as a pot dealer. I didn't have any skills, and as an actual pothead, I thought it was obviously the best thing for me to get into.

It was medium risk, high reward, and I needed money. The plan was to try to save up money to get involved with actual legal business- while networking.

I've always been a believer in "it's not what you know, it's who you know. Some of them I made real friendships with. I may have been selling pot, but most people realized that I was honest and intelligent.

And over the years, I've been invited into business opportunities a bunch of times. A few of these opportunities didn't work out for me.

But basically, the house flipping opportunity was all about forming a real friendship over years with someone.

The pizza place also was all about knowing the right person. My partner has been in the restaurant business for years. The rental properties was kind of my idea, but I used people who were actual friends of mine to help me pick properties and do carpentry work.

It wasn't all fun and games. As you can imagine, many of the people who I met in the pot world turned out to be real losers.

Everybody has always tried to scheme me out of money. And sometimes it worked. But that's my basic story.

Thanks for your kind words. I elaborated a little more in a response to someone else, if you're interested. I'm not a day trader- more of a buy and hold investor, so it wouldn't have a whole ton of updates.

My current advice is to buy Alibaba on day 1 when it IPOs next month, and hold it. I'm actually currently writing a book called How To Be Happy 2.

I'm a pretty successful guy at life, and I've made a lot of money without working very hard. I'm hoping to make it available for free when I'm done if you want me to send you the link.

My book will not waste your time. I recently left my job conducting stock research for an asset manager. I've never looked into personal trading because it's prohibited by the SEC, but in a few weeks I'll legally be able to invest on my own.

I'm confident I would make a return on my money by knowing how to trade on news from public sources, but not sure how much of my savings I should tie up in the market.

I've been adding money to it over time. I personally use schwab. I use Schwab because I already had an account with them.

I kind of wish I was with a different company, but not badly enough to move my money out. I will say that Schwab's customer service has always been excellent for me.

I'm not sure how much of your savings you should tie up in the market. Personally, I'm very aggressive when I feel like I have a winning opportunity, and you sound like you would do really well in stocks.

You might even agree with my opinion that this bull run is not about to end, at least through New Year's. How much you invest- I don't have advice for you there, but scared money don't make no money.

It won't grow unless I put work into it. I spend a long time each week talking to suppliers and finding new products. The only paid marketing I do is using Amazon ads.

Amazon do the rest. I made sure that I have a lot of positive reviews on the product by contacting customers who leave account feedback and ask them to leave a product review as well.

I started off with just one product that I imported from China and branded. There are very few barriers to entry so I'm not going to tell you what it is other than it's electrical accessory.

Since then we've branched out, buying stock from Hot UK Deals and selling it on. Looking into Christmas products now, got a few ideas!

You go to the amazon seller central, set up an FBA shipment, saying how many you want to ship to amazon warehouses, then they automatically calculate how many to send to which warehouses.

You print shipping postage not free and the amazon shipping label free , stick it to the boxes you're sending the stuff in, and mail them. If you packaged it right, that's the last thing you need to do.

FBA lets Amazon ship it instead of you when people order off of amazon. FBA gives customers the Prime option. Have you managed to ship directly from your product supplier to Amazon?

I ask because my plan was to supply the manufacturer with UPC codes and FBA labels and have them ship the items right to the fulfillment center.

If so, what have you done to ensure the success of that system? If not, what barriers are in place to make it not work?

Thanks for your time! Does most of your income depend on this Amazon FBA business? And yes, I am very scared because since last Saturday my account hasn't been able to make any sales because they needed to verify my identity because of new EU Regulations.

They've taken ages to verify it and I can't sell a thing whilst its down. My partner and I are making contigency plans for if this ever happens again and our long term goal is to have our own store as well.

It's a market that you need to be involved with. Thanks for the info. Right now I am ramping up my sales for my Amazon store. I sell for the family business medical supplies and in my industry, the people are stuck in their ways so selling online generates amazing margins.

But I am afraid that I am at the mercy of a giant. Have you had any experience with their web store program and multichannel fulfillment? I am looking at using their web store solution so I can sell via my own channels and just have FBA fill the orders automatically.

I'd rather not burden my warehouse with these kinds of small orders. We usually deal in pallet sized orders. Sorry I've never used Amazon Web store solution.

I had a look at it and the pricing was far too high for me to consider it. I decided there were far better options out there. I have use multichannel fulfillment for a few orders than came in through eBay.

I didn't have it set up to work automatically but I'm sure there will be a way that you can get it to. Your other option is to have another fulfilment centre for all orders outside of Amazon.

I think Amazon could be quite expensive if you're using it for multichannel, it could work out cheaper to despatch from elsewhere depending on the volume.

I haven't done any work on them in over 2 years. Neither of them any work. How does the ebook site work? Did you just write an ebook and then promote it?

If I remember right, OP buys successful websites and makes money off them. So he does not spend time growing the websites himself. I don't have the creativity to start something on my own.

So I just buy something and build on that: Have you split tested different ad networks? I ask because often adsense pays out the worst.

But it does depend what Niche you are in. If it is women focused then check out pinchofyum. They make bank off non-google ad networks.

I looked into it briefly. Most of them work on a CPM basis. So i'm getting a better payout like that. I might be wrong? I Order things from China via email, they are posted on ebay in buy it now, inventory and my phone lets me know when they are sold.

Been selling enough to support myself when I'm working on my other business which has no pay but is the idea I have always wanted to conquer.

Can you describe your personal process of finding, negotiating, and purchasing inventory from China? I run two almost-passive businesses.

I run the websites http: Both sites are pretty much perpetual, except I need to keep topping up credit with unlock suppliers every so often. I also need to manually refund people via paypal.

People get very upset when an automated email goes out saying they've been refunded, before I actually get around to refunding their payments.

That takes up some of my time replying to emails reassuring people. Not currently, but it used to be that I had it against my terms of service to submit an IMEI for unlocking to the system that was for a device put into contract on or after January 26, I have a disclaimer to check local laws.

Since I run a company accessible worldwide, it is not my job to know every country's local laws. My terms of service require each customer to be aware of their local laws regarding unlocking.

Otherwise, it's legal to do in most countries around the world. Since I'm sort of kick starting airunlocks.

PM me and I'll hook you up. How are you driving traffic to your site? It looks like there is no SEO work so I assume it's all paid traffic.

What have you found to be the most cost effective solution to getting traffic? Honestly, I haven't done any SEO yet to the site.

I really don't have any traffic going to it yet. Just people on reddit from this post really. I am building up a slush fund to afford to keep it steady before driving traffic to it.

Otherwise I'll get overwhelmed. I've automated my marketing and outsourced my content creation. Really just spend about hours closing sales, and hours a week dealing with existing projects.

I have a business manufacturing and selling a consumer golf product. I even have software in place to automate and manage my affiliate marketing and sales rep program.

I worked on it mostly full time for a few years to get it off the ground but now that it's profitable, mostly automated and growing steadily it has become a nice passive income while I pursue a alternative career.

How did you go about outsourcing your product? Is it made in China? Would love to know any tips you have for someone also trying to do this. Our product is made in USA, Delaware.

It is simple to make and workers can assemble and package it by hand. The simple manufacturing process made it easy to source manufacturers to work with.

I was introduced to our current manufacturer through networking within the Delaware Economic Development Organization. Often states have resources available for companies to connect and work together.

I would recommend exploring those avenues. Even if your product requires more technical manufacturing or tooling this is still a great way to identify reliable manufacturing partners.

The company we use for manufacturing is a non-profit organization that employes mentally handicapped and disabled individuals.

Working with them also allows us to support that philanthropic mission, which feels good. My brother started an online casino last year whith an investment of dollars or so.

Nowadays, his website is in the top on online casino review site. He's making about 10, a month without even going out.

Does he accept U. Did he write all the code himself? Sounds like a massive undertaking. At the very beginning, I started by producing courses on things that I was learning myself languages, software, etc.

Slogging through sub-par online free stuff to learn. Great idea, good for you for using your knowledge to help other people.

Do you host your courses on your website or on external sites like Udemy? I've started a webhosting business, after 8 years of work it made me financially independent I did an AMA about that.

This is more of a side business since it only makes about 5 grand a year which is a lot though since I have no expenses at my age.

It's a domain business The marketing is all automated People buy the domains that's all automated Payments automated Domain forwarding automated.

Literally no customer service like maybe 1 support issue a fortnight which is always really quick simple stuff. I check if it's available if it is I set it up if it isn't i tell you and you come up with a new name.

They choose a name and pay. I set it up manually and I give the domain within 24 hours. I'm a proper domain reseller now and have access to all the APIs and things now that make it all automated.

You search for the domain and make the payment. The domains is created and forwarded instantly which means that I no longer have to do anything.

It's a niche market within an MLM style business - they get really long website urls my service asks them just for what name they want and want their mlm ID is.

Really simple and everything which is why those people would use me over eg. Working only 4 hours a week is pretty neat. For about a month. And then it's boring.

And then it's painful. And then it's mentally damaging. If you ever automate a business so well you barely have to touch it Start another business or get a job aswell.

I realize I'm a bit late to the party here, but I just found out that you can use fulfillment by Amazon to fulfill orders received through other channels besides Amazon.

Not sure how their prices stack up against shopwise and shipwire, but it's probably worth checking out:. I Software' comprises as a business advertisement.

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